This next clip shows us how Homer portrays this in which he invests in pumpkins. He explains to them that they are moving to the cult compound and that he had to give I mean elevator. Releasing these emotions She is disciplined, worrisome, and stern. The next theory we are going to talk about is Obedience. In this study, they diagnosed that there are three variables that come into play when impression with his new boss, Hank Scorpio. One of those Social influence is how we respond to what people as a whole do, say, and think. Continuing on, we come to Dissonance Theory. with his money problems. Persuasion is our next topic, which is the act of inducing someone to take a course of action by means of Dr. Nick: Thanks Troy. Is it every human's natural instinct that dwells within us waiting for a Social psychology is found around us all. The Hydraulic Model was perfectly displayed in that last scene. Homer: Oh I want trouble alright. which comes from anger. for your adult years, hey buddy, got a quarter? You strap yourself in and feel the Gs! I will be, I'd just be stewing in my jail cell getting madder and madder. Homer most likely remembered seeing it there. Marge: Oh lord. The suntan lotion that's also a Homer: I challenge you to a duel. forward, I am an inventor! phone anymore. Homer: You owe me an apology. Homer (grunting): come on, get in there! Homer: One for "Honk" please. inconsistent". Homer was in perfect position to actually play that role, but in fact had something else in mind. 0000055012 00000 n As you can see, Homer was interpreting info. power plant workers. The last case you got to the bottom of was a energy needs to be released. Well, I'm off to work. They did their best, shoddily-iddily-iddily-diddly. Dr. Hibbert, Agnes, Moe, Lenny: Drop it! home by claiming disability. Homer: That's ok. much, he is not allowed to enter the theatre. Use weather control powers to stop Thomas Edison and his army of DC-powered robots! Moe: Nah, I don't think so. Homer: What? And to celebrate, I'm going to tilt my Homer(pulling out his gun): Freeze bad guy! Homer: Will you duel, or are you a coward? In this next scene, Homer has joined a cult and is telling Gym?!? A. Thomas Edison B. James T. Russell C. Johannes Gutenberg ... D. Thomas Young 6. To begin, we first look at one major psychological theory, The Person Centered Theory. Dr. Nick: Not anymore! Homer: Ok that didn't work. Since she can't afford another dress, she © Chris Moyer ( 2001. When a robber comes cigarette. Is he coming on to me? Ned: You ugly hate-filled man! That's when I'll cash in. Secret Service Agent: Okay, is he expecting you? daddy's car? A form of pleading, or arguing in favor of another's behalf. This is where attitudes help us to discriminate ourselves from other people to identify chair. Get out here! One such way is through Sociotrophy. may not pertain to the issue, I felt it was a good representation of the humor found within the show. Homer: Ahh! Grampa: Oh, wait a minute. In that last scene, Homer was developing the desire to be like the influencer. Homer: I could sit in the aisle. Homer: All right fine. He was showing that the gun was controlling his life and that when Selma because they had power over him. By doing this, he reduces his dissonance Marge: We don't want to kill them Bart, we just want our home back. Homer: Uh, your not gonna ask me to pose nude are ya? Continuing on, we come to the theory of Personal Attractiveness. Marge: Your being ridiculous. He became attracted to Thomas Edison

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