Created by. I am fearless. Chit ste kriken gon brana nodotaim. It has no direct counterpart in Modern English, though it is derived from the "be-like" construction (called "quotative BE LIKE" by some linguists). Ai nou fir raun. Artigas, you and I will remain hidden until the Reapers are drawn away from their prisoners. To their surprise, Cadogan is able to understand them, though he requests that they speak slower since it has been so long for him. Start studying Trigedasleng Phrases. In A Sort of Homecoming, after defeating the Dark Commander with Gaia's help, Indra tells him that "your fight is over". Yu nou souda kok au. These Sky People are different, they're more like the Mountain Men than us. O yo na wan op kom seim fayogon don frag oyo bro en sis op. Grounders are illiterate, all grounders speak Trigedasleng but only higher grounders/warriors know english too. What are the three pillars of being a Commander? Its use in certain contexts may indicate disdain. Laik is used with nouns and adverbial or prepositional phrases. He also records audio files with the correct pronunciation of each sentence which are then forwarded to the actors. You all must leave this place. Apologies, Heda. Auxiliary and modal verbs are used in a variety of ways. Even a fool knows when to surrender. I mean to fight. Good. Octavia expresses that she doesn't understand why she needs to learn it. Disha Skaikru ste noseim. de is also used as part of the demonstrative adjective dei de (see topic "Demonstratives"). Associated Groups ", Its development was also influenced by an early code-system that was developed shortly after the Nuclear Apocalypse. Branwoda seintaim get in taim na set yu daun. It can be used to introduce hypothetical or conditional clauses as well (but n.b. Ai swega yu klin. Its development was also influenced by an early code-system that was developed shortly after the Cataclysm, but this only affected the lexicon in any substantial way. 1. You, Natblida. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Skaikru ste gouthru ona ai bana nau. Trigedasleng verbs have two parts: the verb root, and one of nine satellites. About Trigedasleng. Heda. Ogeda sonraun ste fleimen, en oso teik ogeda wamplei in kom oson. That is why I decreed that our ways will change. 8. Your fight is over: Yu gonplei ste odon 2. Em hakom ai teik yu set raun. Ai get klin bilaik dei Azgeda nomajoka komba raun gon em. If a direct object is not present, the satellite follows the verb root. Nou ouder. Use oso to include the person the speaker is addressing; use osir to exclude the person the speaker is addressing. You are a warrior. Trikru kamp raun hir. Chit nou frag ai op... na teik ai gon mou yuj. Taim yu gaf ge breik au, taim yu shof op! Bilaik is probably the most difficult concept of Trigedasleng grammar for speakers of Modern English to grasp. Stop worrying, Gustus. Trig “is Trigedasleng the universal grounder language?”, “How did the Grounders' language change so fast?”, “How does Trigedasleng grammar differ from English?”, After deciding not to kill Sheidheda but to let him die, Indra states that "your fight is over" in Trig. Episode Discussions. Ai don kom au gon dison. Match. During the six year time skip, many more Sky People learned Trigedasleng, including Nathan Miller, Monty Green, John Murphy, Raven Reyes, and Harper McIntyre. Test. Trigedasleng is the language spoken by the earth-born people, the clans of the 100, known as Grouders. Because of Trigedasleng's descent from American English and the romanization system devised for the language, many names are spelled identically or nearly-identically either way. Ai don ste kamp raun hir, don kik raun, don hod raun. Oso hit choda op nat, kom tona gou fou nau, hashta ai op hef na wan op. Ai mana wan op. In a flashback, Callie says "your fight is over" in Trig after Baltimore is destroyed by a nuclear missile. Pair up and continue training. Some guidelines on use of bilaik follow. You can wear their jacket, but you'll never be one of them. Like you've always told me, we don't make peace with our friends. Kiken raun bilaik mou kom (jos) kiken thru. Nightbloods. The Woods Clan (Trigedakru/Trikru) and Sand Nomads (Sanskavakru) have been heard using this language, but other groups of grounders (that is, earth-born people not born inside Mt. Or you'll die by the same guns that killed your brothers and sisters. Some of the Sky People (Skaikru; those from the Ark) began to learn Trigedasleng after repeated contact with the Trigedakru. Chon yu bilaik en chon yu gaf in bilaik na kik thru, emo laik tu krei noseim diyo. Hashta soulou gonplei, bilaik won hedon noumou: du souda wan op deyon! The official spelling in the script is phonetic, meant to reflect the pronunciation shifts which occurred in the Grounder language. Noumou. Some verbs don't have or require satellites (auxiliary/modal verbs, function verbs, causative/performative verbs, verbs having to do with agent-initiated motion). In some contexts, bilaik can be used to mean "like" or "as" (bilaik yu don tel ai op "like you told me"), * Peterson originally transcribed Clarke's name as. Life is about more than (just) surviving. Gouba tu raun en kigon yo granplei. We don't fish for children. Our fight is not over because our fight has (only) just begun. We must find the raiding party before they reach the tunnels. Our fight isn't over: Oso gonplei nou ste odon. Even though she is fascinated with this language, Josephine does not know Trigedasleng and asks Bellamy to repeat what he said. Trigedasleng (TRI-ge-da-sleng), sometimes shortened to Trig, is the language spoken by the earth-born people, the clans of Mid-Atlantic United States, known as Grounders. If you do that, you'll be wasting your time. Nouns and adjectives have no plurals or case distinctions. In The Flock, after massacring the Faithful, Sheidheda orders that the door be opened in Trig and declares that "my fight is just beginning.". Send. Learn. Trigedasleng Translator the grounder language on the 100. Nou tel ai op ha ai na teik ai hana ogud! I demand my right to this man's death. We come together tonight, as we have countless times before, to watch a man die. In The Last War, the Judge, taking on the form of Lexa, briefly communicates with Clarke using Trig during the test to determine if humanity is worthy of Transcendence or not and declares that humanity is not worthy by stating that "your fight is over" in Trig. For more information on each word, check the respective dictionary entries. Yumi has no possessive forms; instead use the standard first person plural forms. Yumi is a third "first person plural" pronoun, and literally means "you-and-me.". I'm Octavia of the Sky People, and I seek safe passage: The dead are gone; the living are hungry: From water we are born, to water we return: From the Earth, we will grow. Emo komba hir na ban ai we kom nau. We conduct discussions the night of airing and the morning after while the show is airing. Language In Inclement Weather, Octavia uses Trigedasleng to negotiate for Lincoln's life. The Sky People march with us now. Nine satellites have been seen in Trigedasleng—op, in, au, we, of, raun, daun, klin, thru—though more may exist. These look pretty much like the independent pronouns, but each of the cells except first person plural has an alternate "plural referent" form. Il a été employé dans la série pour donné une touche de nouvelle cultures dont là le Trigedasleng. To cover his actions, Murphy orders Echo to pretend that she hates him which Echo complies with in English, successfully fooling Russell. At the time of the Ark's descent, it is believed that most Grounders speak only Trigedasleng; warriors (and certain other Grounders) speak both Trigedasleng and Modern English, a fact which they are careful to hide from their enemies.

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