Mature Content Warning After you escape him, he injures Maria in a rage. To do this, you must head back to the door and mash Z until you get out. Misao had been missing for three months when Aki awoke to the sound of their classmate's voice. Horrified, Aya flees while being chased by a chainsaw-wielding Alfred. The Bedroom has a shrieking woman. Walk right. Aya is a shy girl who never goes outside. However, after doing so, Monika reveals to Aya that Alfred murdered her for one of his experiments. The secret cutscene is only accessible when you collect all 21 gems and get the true ending. (Go to the left room) Take half the flowers (the Bouquet) from the Vase and putting them in vase on the right room. Once the mad dog has passed out, use the scalpel on the dog to get the Incinerator Key. As the house burns down, Ogre transports Alfred's spirit to another world, where he is free to experiment to his heart's content, creating a mature adult clone of his daughter, leading into the events of Misao. In Northern Germany 11-year-old Aya Drevis, lives with her parents, Alfred and Monika Drevis, and their maid Maria. The 2020 Nintendo Remake reveals he was an orphan taken by Alfred so he could be experimented on. His solution was to turn people into living dolls. The three of them live happily together until one day Monika passes away from illness. You will black out. A zombie will appear and you must run back out and back into the curved passage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Get the Oil on the counter. In the third diary room, pick up the Kitchen Knife from the counter, give it to the boy, and wipe the mother's face with the Napkin. [1] Aya soon discovers that her father killed her mother in fear of her mother taking Aya away to prevent him from performing taxidermy on her. Pull the plank and push a sandbag on it to weigh it down. Head to the entrance on your right. - Mad Father Description Aya Drevis is the main protagonist and playable character of the game. On the eve of her mother's death, when the sun has rested and the vengeful moonlight now rests on the old manor of the Drevis residence, she visits her father's laboratory and wishes to celebrate the day of her mother's death. He interacted with Aya a few times, but she doesn't remember him at all, until he sees his memories. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. He condemns her as a wretched and manipulative woman, but Robin says that even if Monika wasn't a good person in the end, that doesn't make her love for Aya any less real. When you come to you will meet the strange boy from the beginning. Once you complete the diary room, proceed to the stairs that follow to BF3 and save. Maria, who will be returned herself, will be horrified to hear the doctor is dead. Most of their peers thought Misao to be dead. PewDiePie Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Mad Father is a game in which a young girl named Aya reminisces about her mother who died of sickness a few years previous. There you will find a small enclosed area called the Dead End. Check the painting and move it aside. -Riadh pense que l'oiseau permettant de sauvegarder est une corneille tandis qu'Aya dit que c'est un corbeau. Lastly, run out the fourth room and close the door to the fifth room (try to walk through and it'll do it automatically) to trap the zombie. Her mother, Monika Drevis, was incredibly ill, and presumably died of illness before the occurrence of the game. Aya will run off without her and, just as she's running away, will be held down by another doll. Smash the barrels, and push the shelf left to find a crack in the wall. Go to the Kitchen (through the center door in the Entrance Hall). Return to the cell and let the girl come out, then pull the lever inside the cell to open the door. In Northern Germany, there is a mansion owned by the Drevis family. As well but later included To The Moon because of its starting soundtrack. If Aya chooses to save Alfred, Monika will disappear. An article in the Steam shop for Mad Father and the game files for the 2020 Remake reveal his true name. In the Trick Rooms, make the two sides match by: Once that is done, head back to the upper room and head through the door ([1]Ogre says nothing too interesting). 2011 Go to the Reception Room on 1F. Use your chainsaw to break the barrels in the way. Choosing not to save Aya's father will lead to one ending where you and Maria are left all alone. When you enter the passage, head into the first door you see and there will be a save crow. A seemingly undead boy that Aya encounters in the mansion. Sen Aya and her father will be returned to the lab where Monika's ghost shows Aya how she died. For detailed information about this series, visit the Mad Father Wiki. In all of the dialogue, the top portion of … [1] A Steam version, published by AGM Playism, was released on 23 September 2016. Meanwhile, while walking away from the burning mansion, Aya notices that her father's medical book has survived the blaze. While she is working on a young woman named Jean, Maria states that Aya has become just like her father. In one ending, Aya allows her undead mother to take her father away to another world. Aya is a shy girl who never goes outside. Go to the toilet (bottom-right room from B2F Passage). No longer feeling the need to feign ignorance, Aya's father reveals to her what he had been doing all this time: turning humans into dolls via taxadermy and plans to do the same to Aya. She learns her father's victims have come back from the dead, and in anger, they wish to punish him for his crimes. Continue wandering around until you find the eyes, ladder, and bucket. Like its spiritual predecessors Ib and The Witch's House, it does not feature combat, despite the fact that it is an RPG. Aya is aware that Alfred experiments and kills humans in the basement, as well as the fact that he is involved in an extramarital affair with the younger Maria, a former homeless woman he had taken off the street some years prior. Monika confronted him about this and decided to take Aya away, but Alfred killed her. Mad Father (Japanese: マッドファーザー, Hepburn: Maddofāzā) is a survival horror role-playing puzzle video game. The door is open. In the Reception Room (accessed through left door in Entrance Hall), push the stool over to the top-left dresser and stand on it to obtain the Cutting Knife. Return to the door it was guarding on B3F. Shocked by the revelation, Aya will start crawling away from her father and hit a container, holding her mother's corpse. He will say he is hungry. Once the zombie is dead, go down the ladder and head right through to the next panel. In another room, Maria muses that Aya has become just like her father and that the tendencies run in the family, heavily implying that Aya has followed in her father's footsteps.

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