They also work together, with one or two distracting dogs while the others steal their food. Still we continue to learn more and gain greater respect for these remarkable birds. For ten months of the year I live in Tuktoyaktuk and sometimes share that time with Aklavik in the NOrthwest Territories where I work as a community health nurse in those wonderful communities. (Sainte-Thérèse-de-Gaspé, QC), — Soumis le 2/11/2015 par Robert Gamble Anyone who takes even a few moments to watch this bird will know, however, how uncommonly intelligent and resourceful this bird can be. (Ottawa, ON), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Romayne Gallagher The birds were fascinating to watch as they played in they played in the air. According to an article from, “It appears that ravens may be even more viciously political than your average high school drama queen. That’s what people say about Canadians, right? (Rainy River, ON), — Soumis le 1/28/2015 par Diane Fulbrook Published By: The Johns Hopkins University Press, Read Online (Free) relies on page scans, which are not currently available to screen readers. "kohlrabenschwarz" is the coolest word you'll ever see and it translates to raven black so, there you go. Just because they are noisy. One such box, which was given to Seagull, contained all the light of the world. (Fairview, AB), — Soumis le 2/8/2015 par Tahirih Goffic Plus they clean up our garbage left all over our cities and towns, thus providing a very useful service. I'm going to pitch the noble raven. Les commentaires et les compositions seront publiés dans la langue dans laquelle ils ont été envoyés. (Ottawa, ON), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par Jerry Sweet le grand corbeau est l'oiseau le plus intelligent des oiseaux. I have been amazed to watch them play, to see them flip upside down as they fly, to watch them fly over the crest of a hill over and over again on a windy day and shoot into the air just for fun. The raven's range extends all the way across Canada. Max dit : 18/10/2020 à 22 h 13 min . It is the perfect Canadian avian symbol. (Calgary, AB), — Soumis le 2/4/2015 par Rebecca Vincent One of the smartest birds in the world - more intelligent than most mammals. Common Raven, as Canada’s National BirdCanada’s National Bird emblem must be a bird that doesn't forsake the country in the winter or in any other season. The Common Raven is under-appreciated, much like Canadians. Never realized what a beautiful bird the common raven was until one year out West in B.C. (Chestermere, AB), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par David Coles He stores his food in caches, a habit of the land — though really I shouldn't be saying "he" as, consistent with our progressive laws, Trickster also stands outside of gender. (jasper, AB), — Soumis le 3/3/2015 par Dorothy Woodhouse The Raven is honored by most native cultures. How about playful, graceful and strong? (Embrun, ON), — Soumis le 2/14/2015 par Faye Woytowich (Jonquière, QC), — Soumis le 2/10/2015 par Suzanne Legaullt If a potential predator is spotted, the raven will call in others from the surrounding area to join in an attack, forcing the threatening creature to retreat. As unappealing as the Raven is to some people because it associated with some undesirable traits the Raven has many qualities that are similar to humans [both good and bad]. (Common Raven / Corvus Corax). Adresse postale And today, many countries look to us to help cast light into Darkness. This Raven’s resourcefulness, intelligence and geographic range speak to this. I've traveled this whole country now. That is they do relate, will become accustomed and will use our works for their advantage. I've had wonderful encounters with this marvelous bird in a variety of places throughout Canada. In the wise words of a friend: "My fellow Canadians, I urge you to vote for the common raven. (Edmonton, AB), — Soumis le 2/14/2015 par Angele Boulay Crows/Ravens are intelligent, resourceful and curious. The raven would sit on the roof, watching over the chicken pieces, and keep an eye on any magpies that would show up. Or do they run for warmer climes when the mercury drops… How many of the candidates can thrive, year-round, in habitats ranging from the treeless tundra to our urban centers? ͙�-Q�Z�4�ͺ s�í�̐�YLwu�q>�%X��0��x?���c�6����a�q�%���V��d�E��� There are many good traits to the Raven but one of the best I like is his desire to keep the roadsides clean and doing a fine job cleaning up after those other creatures in their rubber wheeled transportation machines......GO RAVEN! I spent most of my life in Yellowknife, and worked in the high arctic. (Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, QC), — Soumis le 2/24/2015 par Christine Roebuck Any other bird would be a second-rate choice for Canada and First Nations' people. Intelligent,hardy,adaptable,found in all provinces and territories and honours our native our Indian ancestors who consider the bird sacred as the earth we live on. (Fort saskatchewan, AB), — Soumis le 4/8/2016 par Darcie Light Ici c'est ce que je vois le plus souvent, oiseaux intelligent.

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