[57] The Airline Monitor, an industry publication, quotes a 737-800 fuel burn of 4.88 US gal (18.5 L) per seat per hour, compared to 5.13 US gal (19.4 L) for the A320. [38] The fourth generation 737 MAX supersedes the third generation 737NG. CST-100 Starliner Test Article domes mated into full capsule for first time at Kennedy Space Center. [64] The first converted aircraft was delivered to West Atlantic in April 2018. leased from others, 10 from 800 passed down, and bought from continental in merging with Star Alliance, and United Airlines, RA-73000, RA-73004; VP-BNZ - Boeing 737-700 BBJ. Merged with Air Italy and founded the new Air Italy in 2018. Boeing's newer "Space Bins" can carry 50 percent more than the pivoting bins, thus allowing a 737-800 to hold 174 carry-on bags. 737-300's retired in 2015, Aircraft transferred to Qantas fleet in 2018. The Boeing Archives Presents Video Series. This aircraft, the 2,843rd 737 built, first flew on February 9, 1997, with pilots Mike Hewett and Ken Higgins. [3] With a smaller operator base, the -900ER is not as liquid as other variants; in October 2018, a ten-year-old -900ER was worth $19.4 million and leased for $180,000 per month over eight years, below the -800, while there is a premium for the A321 over the A320. The BBJ1 was similar in dimensions to the 737-700 but had additional features, including stronger wings and landing gear from the 737-800, and has increased range (through the use of extra fuel tanks) over the other various 737 models. The Next Generation 737 interior was also adopted on the Boeing 757-300. United 737 New Livery Pack (N37267, N17730, N53441) Created by iniBuilds The 737-900 also retains the MTOW and fuel capacity of the −800, trading range for payload. One -400, four -500s. After the introduction of the next generation series, Boeing introduced the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) series. Alaska Airlines launched the 737-900 in 1997 and accepted the delivery on May 15, 2001. Re-branded as Small Planet Airlines in 2010, 737-200's retired in 2001. In July 2008, Boeing offered Messier-Bugatti-Dowty's new carbon brakes for the Next-Gen 737s, which are intended to replace steel brakes and will reduce the weight of the brake package by 550–700 pounds (250–320 kg) depending on whether standard or high-capacity steel brakes were fitted. Boeing started the program with orders for 55 conversions, with the first converted aircraft due for late 2017 delivery. Learn more about 737 MAX. For many airlines in the U.S., the 737-800 replaced aging Boeing 727-200 trijets. [54] The first was delivered on February 16, 2007, to ANA with 24 business class and 24 premium economy seats only. [66] The aircraft is designed to fly up to 1,995 nmi (3,695 km) at a MTOW of 174,100 lb (79,000 kg).[67]. 737-200 leased from Transavia.com and return November 1980 737-300 retired May 2007 737-600 and 737-700 are stored 737-800 retired April 2013: Lauda Air: 1 2 3 2 2 7 737-200 leased from Transavia.com and return March 1988 737-300 retired September 2002 737-400 retired June 2005 737-600 retired December 2009 737-700 retired January 2010 [citation needed], Modifications to the 737-800 airframe include installing a large cargo door, a cargo handling system, and additional accommodations for non-flying crew or passengers. Charter brand of Air Serbia. Lion Air has orders for 103 Boeing 737-900ERs as of September 2017. The Boeing 737-800 is a stretched version of the 737-700. 737-300 operated by Express Freighters Australia Past operator. The wing was redesigned with a new thinner airfoil section, greater chord, increased wing span by 16 ft (4.9 m) and area by 25%, which increased total fuel capacity by 30%. Following Boeing's merger with McDonnell Douglas, the 737-800 also filled the gap left by Boeing's decision to discontinue the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and MD-90 aircraft. The Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as 737NG, or 737 Next Gen is a narrow-body aircraft powered by two engines and produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.Launched in 1993 as the third generation derivative of the Boeing 737, it has been produced since 1997 and is an upgrade of the 737 Classic (−300/-400/-500) series.. With more than 5,000 orders, the 737 MAX is the fastest-selling airplane in Boeing’s history. Production of passenger 737NGs ended in December 2019, but 737NGs for military derivatives remain in production. This new improvement is said to shave at least 1% off the overall drag and have some weight benefits. [15] A 2010 documentary by Al Jazeera alleged that in three crashes involving 737NGs – Turkish Airlines Flight 1951, American Airlines Flight 331, and AIRES Flight 8250 – the fuselage broke up following impact with the ground because of the defective structural components that were the subject of the 2005 lawsuit. Users with 737s include: Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Production of the P-8 Poseidon variant continues. The world's largest and most efficient twin-engine jet. The final assembly process begins on Day 6 with the installation of airline seats, galleys, lavatories, overhead bins, etc. 737-200 Adv, 737-900 ER(Leased from Sky Airlines, TC-SKN & TC-SKP). 737-100 operated for Saudi Arabian Royal Flight. 5 -200, all combi and ice/gravel runway capable. The first BBJ2 was delivered on February 28, 2001. [62] Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline, is among the largest operators of the Boeing 737-800, with a fleet of over 400 737-800 aircraft serving routes across Europe, Middle East and North Africa. The airline received this aircraft on April 27, 2007, in a special dual paint scheme combining Lion Air's logo on the vertical stabilizer and the Boeing's livery colors on the fuselage. [2] The 737NG is superseded by the fourth generation 737 MAX, introduced in 2017. Listed as I.M.P. [55] It is similar to the Airbus A319LR. All 65 flights depart from the Netherlands and go to various destinations all over Europe. [35] A decision on this replacement was postponed, and delayed into 2011.[36]. [63], In February 2016, Boeing launched a passenger-to-freighter conversion program, with converted aircraft designated as 737-800BCF (for Boeing Converted Freighter). Adopted Jat Airways 737s, Split into Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines in 1972, Fleet to be transferred to Singapore Airlines, Past operator (some flights were operated by China Airlines' 737-800), One of them was the 100th delivery of Boeing's Next-Generation 737-900ER, Past operator (Ceased operations in 2011). Jet2.com Orders Four Next Generation 737-800s, Comair Limited Takes the Cake and its Latest Next-Generation 737-800, Air Lease Corporation Celebrate Next-Generation 737 Delivery to Air Vanuatu, Copa Airlines Celebrates 100th Boeing 737-800 Delivery, Boeing, Ryanair Celebrate Milestone 375th Next-Generation 737-800 Delivery, United Airlines 737-900ER Delivery – Veterans Day 2015, Boeing Delivers flydubai's 50th Next-Generation 737-800, Jet2.com Finalizes Order for 27 Next-Generation 737-800s, Boeing Delivers Nok Air's First Direct-Purchased Next-Generation 737-800, Sriwijaya Air Celebrates Double Delivery of Next-Generation 737-900ERs, Congratulations to GOL on a new day linking Brazil, Purple plane on a mission for healthy babies, Boeing's new Space Bins for the 737 hold 50% more bags, Alaska Airlines Announces Order for Six Boeing Next-Generation 737-900ERs, Okay Airways announces delivery of its first 737-900ER, Boeing and Air China Announce Commitment for 60 737s. [27], The 737 MAX groundings and 737NG fatigue crack issues are seen as factors that led to the removal of Kevin G. McAllister as chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes in 2019. [71] The name was short-lived. The Next-Generation 737 provides our airline customers with superior reliability, fuel efficiency and high-value returns operators require in today's competitive market. The Seattle Delivery Center has delivered more than 12,000 commercial airplanes from Boeing Field since the first Boeing 707 was delivered in 1958.

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